7 days  //  4200 miles //  3 travelers

//  Approaching the Rockies from Kansas

//  Atop Mesa Verde, viewing the ancient sea bed below

We spent the night at a $50 motel in the valley below. At sunrise the next morning we walked out of our room to the sight of hundreds of hot air balloons taking to the air about a mile away in the valley.

//  Mesa Verde, Puebloan archeological site

With two hours to spare before our tour of this site, we chose to go on a three-mile canyon hike. This quickly turned into a sprint along the rim of a canyon as we raced to make our tour on time.

//  Monument Valley

//  Contemplating the descent into the valley

//  The Grand Canyon

Los Angeles (above) - a few notable landmarks, but an otherwise less-than-thrilling benchmark of our trip. Above left is our spotting of Diamond Ranch High School, designed by Morphosis.

//  Las Vegas, we do not miss you

//  Zion Canyon National Park

//  Arches National Park, Utah

//  Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ